Best wireless routers under $100

Best wireless routers under $100

Welcome back friends, Many of our readers have replied and suggested many points that should be included in this site to improve the quality and user experience. First of all Thanks to you all for your suggestion and today we will address a question, a very important one from our reader-Actually someone asked me to list some of the Best Wireless Router under $100. Though I have listed some in the previous posts I think we must have a deep look on this quest, so let’s start discussing. Best Wireless Routers 2019 only on PC Router Solutions.

Good Connectivity in Budget is something that we all love to have. Actually, this is not so difficult I think, I have previously mentioned many of worlds renowned Network devices manufacturers like DLink, Buffalo, Netgear, Asus and many more, you can check that for sure. They provide many budget Wireless routers under 100 dollar

# T-Mobile Cellspot WiFi Router Model 9961 V1

T-Mobile-Wireless-Router-Personal-CellspotIt’s really strange to see this wireless Router in the list but I think T-Mobile has something really interesting to show, maybe next time. For Now, We have the new Cellspot Model-9961 Home Cell V1 Wireless router here to discuss.

Ok, first of all, I must say that T-Mobile is getting its place with the high ranked, only for its all-new series of Wireless Routers.

The specialty of this Home Cell V1 Router is its look with quite impressive performance. As the name suggest it is a Router for home use and also fits in the budget. You can use this wireless Wifi Router almost anywhere. If your network bandwidth and speed are limited for small purpose usages like for home or Office use, then this Router is a good Option to try.

Only 2.7 pound with a sleek design and Black finish makes it an eye-catching device. Hope you will also like this one


# Netgear N-450 (N450-100NAS)

Netgear N450Most probably Netgear N450 is among the best router under 100. we have discussed the Pros and Cons of this router in our previous posts. And now we will see some more interesting facts about the NETGEAR N450 Wireless router.

Is it a Router or a Modem?

The answer is simple and really satisfactory one- The Netgear N450 is a combo device. Actually, it is a Cable Modem with Wireless Router. One thing to note here is we don’t need any additional Modem with this Device and this is something good to know -I think.

Netgear N450 is a powerful Dual Band gigabit cable Modem Router Combo and it provides internet download speed up to 340 Mbps. Netgear also provides some of the best dual band routers under 100. This device fits everywhere with great looks and high-end efficiency. You can visit our previous collections for more reviews and updates on various Netgear Budget Routers and range Extenders. Latest Price: $87.99!



Trendnet Tew-818DruTrendnet Tew-88DRU is an AC1900 Dual-band wireless gigabit Router. Its another good example of best wireless Gigabit Dual-band Router under $100.

The best part is the installation process, the intuitive guide setup makes this process really fast and easy to handle.

As expected to be a dual-band router it supports transmission over two dedicated frequency i.e. 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. Over these two frequencies, you will get 600 Mbps and 1300 Mbps speed respectively.

This device has a cool WPS button that enables a quick one-touch network connection. Almost every window, Android or Unix enabled device support connectivity with this router- No complex installation or configuration required.


#TP-Link Archer C7 -AC1750

Now let speed up and start with the next Router from the house of TP-Link. I think there is no need to introduce this manufacturer as we all know this.

TP-Link-Archer-C7Tp-Link is a renowned network device manufacturer and has a huge range of Modems, Router, and Range extenders. Also, the user review for TPlink is good and most of its users have graded above3 star for its quality and performance. TP-Link Archer is a series of various Routers and Cable Modems in the average budget range. The Archer C7 wireless Router is one of the members of this series. It is a Budget Router with up to 1.75 Gbps total available bandwidth. As obvious it’s a Dual-band Router so we have two separate frequencies over which we can establish a connection to our devices.

The TP-Link Archer C7 provides an average speed of 450 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and max Speed up to 1300 Mbps at 5 GHz range.  The Connectivity options are also very good, no matter whether we need a wired or wireless connection- it fulfills all our requirements. With Dual USB Ports and WiFi 802.11ac support, we can share large files and media and on the go, we can also print data or even transfer data over any FTP Server.

Altogether the Archer C7 Wireless Router from the house of TP-Link is an effective and affordable Network device.
Now the Next part that we all generally concerned of is the security purpose. So only one line is enough to clear all doubts- Easy one-touch WPA wireless security encryption with WPS button.

So I think we have discussed most of it, now let’s check the Price of TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750: – $64.99!


#Securifi Almond

Securifi AlmondAgain Securifi Almond- Yes I must admit that I have included this one quite a few time earlier in my previous posts but I must say- I can’t help it!.

It deserves to be listed in the list of the best wireless router under 100 dollars. Follow the links provided to get the best comparison and reviews of Wireless routers and Range Extenders.

As stated earlier so no specifications here again but only a few details. What I like most about Securifi Almond is beyond its beauty. Yes, it’s not a lie besides its great looks it’s an all in one device.

You can utilize this device as a Wireless Router, a Powerful Range Extender, an Access Point and one more as a Wireless bridge.

The best part is that you can set up this router within 3 minutes and most important that is quite handy for me, of course, is its compatibility with a wide range of devices running over different Operating Systems. It is perfectly compatible with- As tested though, Windows, Linux, Android, IOS, Mac devices.
If you love to play online games then for sure you should try this one.

Featured and Acclaimed by the Tech Giants:

“A WiFi Router You Won’t Have to Hide” – New York Times

“A wireless router for the post-PC era” – CNet

“Almond easily achieves its stated goal of simplifying networking setup” – Ars Technica

“Almond may just change the way users go about setting up their wi-fi connection” – CNBC

Now, let’s check the current price over the internet: –  $89.99!


#TP-Link Archer AC1200

Here comes the Next, one more member from TP-Link Archer series. The TP-Link AC1200 is very much similar to the AC 1750 only the speed availability is different.

TP-Link Archer C1200It is a part of Best Wireless router only for its 1200 Mbps WiFi Speed over dedicated Dual bandwidth range.
Again it is equipped with 2 USB port for wired connectivity and the obvious 802.11 WiFi support for Wireless transmission of data. This Wireless Dual Band Router is best for Online gaming and high definition Video Streaming. It’s one of the best Gigabit Wireless Wi-Fi Router.

The setup and management are made really easy as we all are familiar with Tether App and just one click connectivity can be established with this device.

TP-Link Archer is included in the list of Best Wireless Router under 100 for its durability and Industry leading 2-year Warranty which assures you with 24/7 technical support regarding any issues.

Some Details About AC 1200 Wireless Router

One important thing that you should know about this Dual-band Wireless Router is – It is equipped with Three External antennas, you can adjust the direction but are not detachable.

Another one- This router is best suited for use as Home or Office Router and practically transmit over a range of 30 ft with perfect accuracy. The distance may vary during run-time.

One important comparison I must include here is the throughput of the TP-Link Archer AC1200 is much higher than the Securifi discussed earlier. It doesn’t mean that this one is good and others are not, its just a simple comparison of only one aspect.

The only drawback or I must say simply cons of this router is the use of USB 2.0, I think 2.0 is quite outdated so at least 3.0 must be there. But no matter with that you can still connect your devices over the distributed 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency band for an average of 800 Mbps max speed data transmission tirelessly.

As for my case, this Router works fine and provide enough speed to play full day online games and watch HD Movies without any buffering Issues. Also tried transferring of few 100 GB s of Data from one device to other without any lag, So I think this is a good one as a Best Wireless Router to try from. Let’s Check the Price: – $39.99!


#TP-Link N300 TC-W7960

Another Best Wireless Router under 100 from Tp-Link- The TP-Link N300 is a DOCSIS 3.0 (8×4) Wireless Wi-Fi Cable Modem Router. It has been Certified for Comcast XFINITY, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Charter, Spectrum, So let’s see the Tp-Link TC-W7960.

TP-LINK N300Let me clear this, The Device is a Cable Modem Router. It means you need a compatible Network provider as Comcast Xfinity or so with internet plans up to 150Mbps. It will provide average speed up to 300 Mbps for faster Gaming and HD video Streaming, Generally Up to 343 MBps download with 143Mbps Upload speed is available for Max transmission even if your network provider allows it.
This device is equipped with four Gigabit Ethernet ports for real fast data transmission from one device to another. As stated earlier it is working on 8 x 4 simultaneous download and upload channels so no need to worry for lags during the transfer of large data files. It is a major concern for the security of data during transmission as any error can corrupt the ongoing data. Also, read Best PC Router 2017 and much more about Cable Modems and Range Extenders.

One thing that I like most about this router is the Lifetime Service and industry leading 2-year Warranty, They fill fix any queries or problems from installation to the solution- just ask.

I think Its enough for discussion lets move on to the price: –  $89.99!



ASUS RT-N66U is a Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router. It provides 2.4 and 5 GHz concurrent Dual-Band Transmission for Strong and Stable Signal Strength and Ultra-fast connection rates up to 900 MBps.

ASUS RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900Something that I liked most is the availability of Download Master. Yes, you will have the Download Master with this device for wireless data Storage and Better Access to Router-Connected USB Storage Devices. It enables quick management efforts to handle the data in an effective way during transmission.

One pro or say plus point is that you can adjust the 3 external antennas according to your requirement and these are perfectly detachable.

For Better connectivity, you will have 2 USB ports and its enough for file sharing and wired connectivity. The Wireless router is capable of handling multiple connections and as for test case, it works great with simultaneous 6 connections. This result is a nice one for any Home Use Wireless Router.


ASUS WRt Dashboard UI is provided for easy and interactive Setup, Signal Monitoring and Network Application Control in an efficient way.

I must say that no matter how big your house or Office is this router is tested for 75% signal accuracy for over 2500 sq ft area but this may vary from place to place according to available Network speed and Consistency.

According to the best Customer reviews, Parental Control is another advantage of this device. Most of the users are satisfied with the Parental Control feature which allows blocking any URL, Keyword or any device using the Mac Address. So its perfectly secured for families with children using the Internet.

If you are a Gamer and likes to play online games then you can really rely on this device as it can handle the network requirements of the most recent HD and 3D Games.

So how much the ASUS RT N66U N900 wireless Router can cost? Is it Affordable- Let’s check the Price!:- $89.90!


#Linksys EA6350

Linksys EA6350 is Wi-Fi Wireless Dual-Band Router with Gigabit Ethernet & USB Ports Connectivity. It provides a Smart Wi-Fi App Enabled to Control Your Network from practically Anywhere.

Linksys Dual-Band WiFi Router for HomeWhat you are gonna get with this device- A high-speed Wireless Technology & Smart WiFi Software all together to Deliver Next-generation Home Network Performance. The highlights of connectivity are the availability of USB 3.0 with 4 dedicated Ethernet Port, For sure this will enhance your network experience during data transmission.

The best part of the Smart WiFi Feature is it allows the user to see what devices are connected on the network, the user can add, block devices from internet Access or restrict the use of any specific Website. Also, it allows creating a password protected Guest Network so that you can allow others to connect in this network without any worry of losing privacy or best for any security issues.

The Available Simultaneous Dual Band will allow maximum speed of 300 to 867 MBps speed over 2.4 and 5 GHz bandwidth for Media intense Applications. Comparatively this device is almost 2.8 times faster and efficient than any Wireless-N technology router.

The AC1200+ as of now with this device- features Wi-Fi Protected Setup along with WPA/WPA2 encryption and an SPI firewall to protect your data and keep your home Wi-Fi network secure. The best part is you do not require any installation CD for Setup a Connection. Setup is easy: simply connect your router and download the free Smart Wi-Fi App to any compatible iOS or Android device.

Something You Need to Know!

You can Filter a total of 31 Mac Addresses for Mac filtering Security. Ok, let’s check the price: – $78.86!



Linksys Dual-Band WiFi Router for HomeASUS RT-ACRH13 is Dual-Band 2×2 AC1300 Wifi 4-port Gigabit Router with USB 3.0.

Altogether it’s a simple easy to use the device for Home use. I must add here that this device is not meant for heavy transmission load as it only works on 2 download and 2 upload channels. It is Dual-band Wireless Router and capable of Providing speed up-to 1267 Mbps with its latest 2×2 MU-MIMO technology.

File sharing is easy and the use of USB 3.0 is really effective. Also, the Effortless router setup with the ASUSWRT web-based interface has managed this device in the best Wireless router under 100 dollar list.

Market Reviews for ASUS RT-ACRH13

“Highest Customer Satisfaction with Wireless Routers in the U.S.”- J.D. Power
“With a Readers’ Choice Award win every year since 2012, Asus seems to make a different router for every budget and need. Respondents continue to be very satisfied with what the company has to offer.” – PC Magazine.

One interesting point- This device does not restrict your network speed to any limit, it means you can have the speed as provided by your network provider. I have tested it up to 135 Mbps and the report confirms much more so its up to you how you will manage the connection.

One simple Review from a Customer->

‘Purchased the RT-ACRH13 to replace a TP-Link N router that was constantly dropping wifi requiring a reboot. In the few weeks, I’ve had it operating it’s needed absolutely zero attention from me, minus setup. Speeds and signal strength are outstanding throughout the house. GUI is useful and intuitive on both web access and via a mobile device. The mobile app is actually more detailed on traffic than the web access GUI.’

So without wasting time lets check the price Now:-  $69.00!


#Linksys AC1900 EA6900

Linksys AC1900 EA6900 is another Wi-Fi Wireless Dual-Band Router with Gigabit & USB 3.0 Ports. Also, it has a Smart Wi-Fi App Enabled to Control Your Network from Anywhere.

Linksys AC1900It provides speed up-to N600 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and AC1300 Mbps at 5 GHz simultaneously with the Dual Bands. It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/ 7/8/10 and most of Mac, Ios, and Android devices.

Two USB ports, one 2.0 and another 3.0 USB is available to share files and store any content over a wired medium. This Linksys device is equipped with 3 adjustable external antennas and is really effective for ranged transmission.
The Beamforming technology is available for better connectivity with Mobile Smartphones and Tablet or Notebook.
Considering the Processing power, This Wireless Router is equipped with Dual-core 800 Mhz CPU for lightning fast processing.

This device is ideal for large households, serious gamers, and HD video enthusiasts. The router’s gigabit Wi-Fi speeds allow for extremely quick downloads of large files.

That’s it lets check the price Now: –  $62.75!

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