Best way to boost the Internet speed of your Router

Best way to boost the Internet speed of your Router

Slow internet is just like riding a car with a puncher wheel. It is really irritating and obviously a very common problem for everyone. Many of my readers have told me about their experience, how they actually stuck during a simple mail transfer or some youngsters usually complaint about lagging games only due to their net speed. So it is well known what the problem is all about. But the question arises – How to improve or increase the internet speed at your home.

Things to consider here are, we are discussing easy to use solutions that work best for any condition, anyone can use it and must be implemented in the home environment. So if I ask where to start from then the obvious answer should be our home router. It is the main source of network distribution and is a common household item these days.

Before Starting

For those who are new to my blog or don’t know me, let me make it clear I am not a hardware expert. Everything I share on this blog is completely tried and tested by me or by my students, so you can trust my words.

Ok without getting in deep discussion, let me quote it out first that I only point out those details that I think are easy to understand and can be implemented easily without much effort. So you may find my words quite different from many similar topics available on the Internet and it’s fine if you know the solution, then you can definitely help me to improve my answer.

Starting with the Basics

One general question – What is the Importance of the Internet to me?

Ok answer this question if not really then near to impossible for me. The Internet is literally a livelihood for me. I usually spend around 16-18 hours of my day working or surfing the net. It is a part of my daily activity and I m connected with the internet almost all the time, actually, most of my daily working time is usually spent on the Internet.

Another Question- What Happen if I am bared to use the Internet?

OK, Its really a terrifying question, Without Internet means no work, no games, no socializing and simply nothing…

Third Question- Isn’t it the same feeling when I got stuck with slow internet or a malfunctioning Router?

Yes, for Sure, Whenever my Internet got stuck, I literally got stuck and most probably it occurs due to some fault in my home router or maybe sometimes due to any defected or misconfigured port or attachments. So a return question for such a situation can be – what to do to improve the internet speed, how to configure my router for having the best internet speed if possible.

If you find these three question and most probably the answers similar to yours then you should read this whole article. I am sure my experience will definitely help you to sort this problem out as soon as possible.

Keep Reading…

Before getting my way, let us just think once what the Internet has to show the solution for this very specific problem. Ok on the internet you can find dozens of sites showing tips to improve your internet speed. Its good and actually I had followed many of them to troubleshoot my problems. You will find some of those tips in my article also but with a little twist, so keep reading.

Keep it Simple…

Before finding the solution, let us find the source or cause of the actual problem that may interfere with the internet speed. For checking out the root cause of the problem you can follow these steps-

How to Increase Your Internet Speed with a few simple steps

  1. The first and Most Important thing to do before any kind of tweak or system configuration, Ok this is very obvious and we all know about it- Check the actual Internet speed that you are getting as if directly from your ISP. If it’s slow as if lower than that assured by your Internet service provider then its time to call the customer care or if the problem is persistent then the best suggestion is just to change your ISP. Believe this is a major reason for slow internet and in my case, it was the first condition.
  2. If your Internet speed is good then it’s the time to check the recommended number of systems attached to your router. This is the second big reason for slow internet. Most probably you are supposed to connect 8-10 system of your own for general use, I am not talking about commercial use here. Also, it is possible that you are only connecting  2 or 3 devices but checking a number of connections may result in 5 more devices connected. If so then it’s time to improve your network router security. Generally, home router, usually old ones are easily compromised by hackers and these devices are very much prone to security threats. Also if you ignore any compromised router then it will definitely cost you all your efforts and money as in case of data theft, so always be careful.
  3. Now, if your internet speed is good, you are having a low number of connected devices with your router and your router is not hacked then you can do one more check before finding the appropriate solution. It is simple yet very important, sometimes many routers working together in an area or flats side-by-side can interfere with the signals and may cause the disturbance. Also sometimes high electromagnetic field due to various other electronic appliance used in our home may disturb the wifi signal and ultimately reduces the Internet speed. To sort this kind of problem we can try to re-position the router. It should be placed in a spot where internet availability is good and no other device can interfere directly with your router.

If you have checked all the above-listed suggestion and still facing the same problem with internet speed then, I have some very precise solution that you should try to solve your problem. These solutions have worked every time I tried them and believe meIt works.

Replace Your Router With a New one

Ok excuse me for that but this is the last option you should try. Technology these days is growing at a rapid pace. If you are still using a ‘g’ type router then, I would definitely suggest you go get a new router for you and your family. Today there are plenty of options available of course choose the one that satisfies your need and works best with your environment.

Many of you may say that what new in this we all know, actually it is known to everyone. So what the point of having this suggestion on the list. I would rather say, no point- it’s true there is no point of having such an obvious topic that we all known and even a school student can quote that out. But my point does we follow this, do we consider replacing our old router whenever need. The answer is Big “NO” we never ever think about it until it broke or someone else hacks our system and we keep watching them fu****g our system and our most precious data either got stuck or lost forever. So I think my point is clear now and sorry for using such language but it reminds me of an incidence that actually occurred to me and it was hard learning.

Ok If you follow me then I would recommend using your old router as a range extender and It really works great. actually, I am using two of my old router as range extenders and these works fine, even helps me to distribute the network bandwidth efficiently with various devices. Planning for buying a new Router or Modem, just try the new “N” type or if it fits your budget then you can try the “AC” type.  For Details, you can follow my other articles or just comment your query or suggestion and I will reply to that as soon as possible.

Up to now, I am sure that most of you are thinking that increasing Network speed is a tough job and it usually requires much investment to buy a new Router. But is it completely true- NO not at all, buying a new Router is the only last option to try. Before that, you can do many simple tweaks that I had listed earlier and there are many other Ideas that you can follow. It’s just a matter of effort and a little bit of technical knowledge -that’s it.

Hardware Tweaks to Improve the Internet Speed

Ok, it something that I only recommend if you know enough about your device, leave it otherwise. No…… I am just kidding, these steps are so simple that even a schoolboy can follow these steps, just read carefully.

Reboot Your Modem and Router

Yes sometimes only following this step is enough to handle your problem. If you ask me, my router runs constantly runs for days or even weeks and everyone who is familiar with this knows that rebooting can help a lot to recover the internet speed we actually need.  If you don’t know what Rebooting is then, though it’s not possible that you know nothing about rebooting it still may happen- just switch off the Modem and Router and leave it to cool down for few minutes and restart it, that’s it.

Disconnect any Unused Device or application

This one is very simple and we can do it whenever we require a quick increase in the available bandwidth or even slightly improve in overall network speed. Just disconnect those devices that you think is of no use now or you just don’t recognize them as yours. For this, you can use the control panel of the router and access the control panel of your router you have to do a few things like-

  • In short, Just open the URL that is the IP address of the Router or the preferable IP of the Router model you are using. It’s just like (192.0.01 or so.) If you don’t know the IP address of your Router then follow the manual provided with it or you may google about it with the model number of your Router or just comment your router model and I will reply back with the complete step to follow with the IP required.
  • OK if you enter the IP then it will prompt you for login and password, the default is the one listed in your product manual if you are still using your default password then, wait a minute- go and change it first it’s a big security threat…
  • Now you have entered the dashboard of your Router, here you will find all the necessary setting to configure it to work only with your devices and also to sort many other simple problems.

Using dashboard is very easy and generally takes few minutes to configure and if you are facing any problem then contact your ISP for compatibility issues or just leave a message for me and I will try to find the answer for you.

*I recommend everyone to use WAP 2 password security for connecting any device. It is secure and currently using the latest AES encryption to encrypt your every single connection. Now, it is among Best for basic Security.

Software Tweaks to Improve and Secure your Internet Connection

Ok just like hardware, the software is also an integral part of internet utilization and most probably it is related directly to internet use. So what are the changes we can do or just follow in our daily life to make our internet use smooth?

Update the Operating System of the Connected Devices

This suggestion seems not so important but trust me updating the OS on your laptop or smartphone really affects the internet speed. You can say How’s it possible? And I answer the obvious New firmware means more accessibility for the hardware with the software applications you are using.

No matter what OS you are on, whether it is a Mac, Windows, Android or IOS device, if not done yet then first Update it- Right Now if Possible.

Update the Applications You are Using

Though it is up to you but for the very obvious reason just as OS you should update all your applications that require Internet most probably. Updating application is not very difficult just check the about section as in case of most Browser or just follow help section provided with your browser. If you are still wondering how to do it then just google your query and you definitely find an appropriate answer to your problem.

Use Chrome or Firefox- Most preferred by me

It is completely your choice, which browser to use. But I would suggest everyone use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. No, I am not promoting these and also I am not saying other browsers are not good, just sharing my experience to handle speed. Both Chrome and Firefox works great for me even on low speed.

Use a Good Anti-Virus and Internet Security

Not only for Internet speed but also for your data security, you should always use a good quality trusted Internet security solution software. Don’t, never ever use any pirated Software. Don’t download the copy of an Antivirus from Torrent, it’s illegal and very dangerous for your security. A hacked Application means the desired loophole in your system that can lead to serious security threats. So Buy a good Quality and effective Internet security and Anti-virus tool for your devices.

Always use Recommended Settings for Router and Modem

It is possible that many of you may disagree with my opinion, but I still say the same. Using the recommended setting means working without any hassle. Though no critical problem has been reported yet for such situation and I also can’t prove that to you, so I leave the choice up to your interest.

I have included most of the procedures that I actually followed to improve my Internet speed and hope these will help you also. There are few other suggestions that I have tried, sometimes it works and sometimes doesn’t, So I don’t recommend these to everyone. I have Included these techniques only for knowledge purpose. I actually don’t follow these tweaks generally and not even recommend anyone, just use these at your own risk if you want.

Using DIY homemade Devices to Improve Internet Speed

Ok being fair, I have tried it quite a several times. It is for those who love working with gadgets and more or less It helped me in understanding the basic functioning fo the Modem and Router but— There is a big “BUT”. It cost me a lot, I had damaged my router several times, few times the circuit and most times the antenna. So it’s up to you whether you want to try something interesting and of course geeky kind of thing at any cost then this one is a great pass time for you. If you need I can also share the tools that I made with DIY techniques to improve my internet speed, but I still don’t recommend it if you are new to hardware modification.

Use of Hacking Application to cheat original firmware

These are very common these days, and most probably you are still using few of them without knowing what they do. This software provides you the root access to the firmware base of your router and there you can do whatever you want. One incident that made me say not to use such software is- Yes, its happen with me, a Few years back I tried one of these and a simple mistake cost me a completely wiped out Router. Mind it, you are not familiar with these kinds of thing, It leaves me with a junk box and ultimately I laughed at my dumbness. So I don’t recommend you to try this unless until you know what you are doing.

Overwrite the firmware with New custom made

OK, this is not that simple but still in use. The Original firmware written for any specific router is meant to limit the internet speed, power consumption along with clock cycle. So overwriting this means breaking the limit. Technically it’s just like overclocking your laptop or PC but officially it will be considered as a jailbreak. So if anything unfamiliar happens you can’t go to the service center to claim your warranty. If not necessary then, It is not recommended to do anything that breaks your warranty as null and void. There are many more things to do than just experimenting with the only Router you have, So be careful before doing such things.


Hope today’s discussion will help you all to handle your modem and Router with care and definitely to improve the Internet Speed at least a little bit in the worst case. If you still facing problem then please go through the standard procedures that have been provided by your router manufacturer. You can find more suggestion regarding any specific problem on their official site, just google your query. Also, you can contact me for more suggestion and If you want something to be included here then inform me about it.

Thanks for reading.

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